Creativity Lab: Story Scenes

Here’s a fun activity to try at home!

You will need:

  • Paint, makers or pencils
  • Card
  • Tape
  • Lollipop sticks
  • String, twine or wool
  • Scissors

1. Cut one piece of card for the base of your story scene. This will be the ground which you can paint or colour.

2. Fold another piece of card in half and open so that it can stand on the base piece. This is your background which can be painted with any art supplies you can find.

3. Draw or paint your characters and props on card and cut them out. A small folded piece of card attached to the back will let it stand freely.

4. Next, tape two lollipop sticks together (or maybe use a wooden skewer if you can find one). This can be balanced on the top of your 3D scene to hang pieces from. Use wool, twine or string taped to the back of your floating props.

5. Think about creating a wonderful place for your character to live. Does your character have a name? What’s its favourite thing to do?

Here are some prompts, but you can create anything you like! Let your imagination run wild….

A frog in a pond
A hedgehog at night
A fox creeps through the deep dark forest
The faerie kingdom

Tip: All of the pieces can be moved around. Try adding more characters and props, or mix and match different scenes to create new stories. Have fun!

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